Ifood employee using the app to see the delivery location.

Cases of success


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How it began

  • Our history with iFood goes back a long way, to the very first day of the app. In 2011, it was still called Disk Cook and had around 12,000 orders a month. Today, with Onebrain’s partnership, iFood has more than 70 million monthly orders.

  • We’ve been working together for more than 10 years, with around 30 Onebrain developers working in different sectors of iFood.

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Our challenges

Without many references in the market, we received the mission of developing an app that no one had developed before, including food delivery in people’s daily lives, and changing the way they buy food forever.

Ifood delivery person's thermal box.

How we solve it

The solution was to take on the challenge, finding the right people to develop the app that would go down in history. We have remained together since the first solution was delivered, with more than 10 years of a transparent, flexible, and successful partnership.

Ifood delivery person holding the company's packaging.

Before Onebrain

12,000 orders


After Onebrain

70 million orders


A partnership that has changed everything

We go beyond technology

We have the solution you need to boost your business. How about starting the transformation now?

Our work

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