Açaí bowl prepared by Oakberry.

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How it began

  • With more than 600 units throughout Brazil and a presence in more than 40 countries around the world, OAKBERRY stands out for its high-quality products and its concern for sustainability during the production of açaí.

  • To go further, the brand wanted to expand its digital presence by creating its own delivery app.

Two people holding Oakberry açaí bowls.

Our challenges

The biggest challenge of this project was to continue a work that had already been started. The Onebrain team worked in several areas from a technical and usability point of view, improving the experience of future app users with our UX expertise.

Woman standing holding a cell phone, representing the union of Onebrain's physical and digital environment.

How we solve it

To shorten this journey, we took advantage of our experience with Brazil’s largest delivery app, using iFood’s infrastructure as a base. Thus, we developed a great variety of integrations with different agents: the POS system, the payment gateway and iFood itself.

Woman sitting on the sidewalk of a closed establishment holding a dog with her right hand and an Oakberry açaí bowl.

We go beyond technology

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Our work

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