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How it began

  • Petz, one of the largest pet shop chains in Brazil, was aware about their digital transformation need, implementing an e-commerce platform to make shopping easier and more convenient for customers.

  • Today, the company has one of the 30 largest e-commerces in the country.

Petz website

Our challenges

One of the biggest challenges of the project was to integrate the stock of Petz’s physical stores with e-commerce, so that customers could have shorter delivery times and have the option of picking up the product at the store, making the shopping experience even better. Our team went above and beyond, creating a website full of features.

Curly-haired woman holding a dog with her left hand while picking up a product at the pet shop with her right hand

How we solve it


A complete team, dedicated exclusively to Petz, with professionals allocated within the company to speed up and improve the solution of demands.

Artificial intelligence

Development of a website equipped with artificial intelligence and facial recognition for dogs, to indicate their interest in toys and treats.


Creation of a smart locker that works 24 hours a day, where customers can pick up products bought through e-commerce using just a QR-Code.

Imported goods

An exclusive marketplace platform for products that are only sold abroad, in partnership with the company Noc Noc.

Petz App

With new features, such as product subscriptions, the app is here to bring e-commerce to mobile in the best possible way.

Veterinary appointments

Users of the site can schedule appointments at Seres, the veterinary clinic located in Petz stores, as well as find the closest clinic to their home.

Before Onebrain

5.3 x


After Onebrain

472 x


*Compared to 2015.

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