Onebrain’s talents will take your business farther

People are the most important part of any company. With our outsourcing, you’ll find specialists with the strategic vision, ability to adapt to change and flexibility that will make a difference to your business.

Group of people participating in Onebrain's Outsourcing program
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What is outsourcing?

It’s the process of transferring and entrusting activities to a specialized team outside your company structure. With Onebrain, you don’t have to waste time on recruitment and selection to get the talent you need. We have trained professionals from a wide range of areas to deliver the results you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

How it works

There are two kinds of outsourcing to choose according to your company or project needs. Both types of outsourcing are carried out by Onebrain professionals, who can work remotely or in person at your company.

Hiring in up to

15 Days


turnover rate

e-NPS always above

70 Points

Hire now

Hire one or more freelancers for smaller, faster projects.


Count on a complete, cross-functional team for larger projects.


Onebrain employees working with transparency

Transparent pricing

You know exactly how much Onebrain employees earn, guaranteeing a 100% transparent relationship.

Onebrain Partners

Long-term partnership

For us, a long-term relationship is the most important thing. We value our partnership and work to make it a long one.

Does Hunting fits better for what you need?

We find the ideal professional for your company to hire.

We are GPTW

We achieved a score of 97 and we are in the top 10 of the best companies in the interior of São Paulo and in the top 100 of the best companies in Brazil.


Check out the benefits and perks only Onebrain has

Life insurance

More security for you and your family.

Training refund

100% refundable courses.


Access to gyms and wellness services.


Espaços de coworking para o seu home office.

Target bonus

Special bonuses for those who reach their targets.

Referral bonuses

Bonus for those who refer a friend.

Unimed medical assistance

Health plans with special conditions.

Day off on your birthday

A time off to enjoy your day.

100% remote work

Work from Brazil or any country in the world.

Paid absence

Following CLT laws, even for PJs.

Our professionals

Which people do you need to transform your company?

Business and management

Product Manager

Product Owner

Scrum Master


Product Designer

UX Designer

UI Designer

 UX Writer

IT architect



Tech Lead







Manual of Languages, Frameworks, Methodologies, and Tools.


Personalized service

In addition to the professionals assigned to your company, you can also count on the Business Partner, who will monitor the daily work of Onebrain professionals inside your company, ensuring fast, assertive, and transparent communication.

Internal surveys and performance assessments to ensure customer satisfaction with the Onebrain team.

Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly feedback to keep expectations aligned.

Conversation rounds to integrate the professionals assigned to the client's company.

cases of success

See how our services led to/have helped transform businesses of major brands.

Learn more about our cases

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