From new business models to the legacy evolution

Made for companies that are looking for innovation, the Business Design from Onebrain counts with the best digital market’s specialists and the experience of hundreds high complex projects.

Solutions that are affordable, technically strong, and widely desired by consumers.

Chart showing that for a company to have an ideal solution, it must be economically viable, technically sound, and widely desired

Way beyond strategy

Learn about the four steps that turns our strategy unique, powerful, and peerless.


At the initial phase we study deeply your company’s nature from start to finish. There are a variety of analysis to identify the opportunities, challenges and risks that might influence on the success of the project. This step offers us a valuable insight into what we can elucidate our know-how to the reality of your business.

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Based on the findings of the Discovery, we will point out the ideal paths, dividing the project into suggested horizons to generate more results with less investment and risk, developing gradually. We will also design the ideal systemic architecture, presenting the model’s entire support ecosystem.

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With an approved and reviewed diagnosis, it’s time to structure the model design in detail. At this stage, we are assisted by Canvas Business model to determine the value offer, customer segment, sales channels, customer relationships, key activities, key resources, partners, revenue sources and cost sources.

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Financial plan

At this stage we will complete the business design of our model, structuring the qualitative and quantitative goals that involve the commercial, the technology and management. Here we are providing every single support that your financial team needs to accomplish the structuring of the financial and fiscal scenario, or we will indicate the ideal partners for the stage.

A solution that could change everything

Onebrain’s business design goes beyond the business Consulting, impacting your company globally.

Close and senior mentoring

We treat your project as our own, your success is our success.

High return on investment

We have created learning shortcuts to save your time and resources.

At any time

We bring ideas to life and boost established businesses.

Healthy evolutionary Journey

Each achievement reinforce the foundation for the next stage.

Empowering internal teams

We transfer knowledge to your team without creating dependency.

Unique partnerships

We offer direct access to the main players in the market.

Is your focus on creating user-centered products?

Business Design is also perfect for this. Our process goes from product discovery to MVP definition, putting people first. Find out how we do it!

Product Discovery

At this stage, we identify user needs and explore solutions, considering the problems to be solved. Our teams do research, user interviews, concept tests and prototyping to ensure they are building something viable and desirable.

Brown-haired, straight-haired woman with glasses looking forward representing the product discovery stage at Onebrain.

UX strategy

Based on the findings, we draw up a complete UX strategy. We map out personas, design user journeys and establish guidelines for product interaction and usability. This strategy guides the entire design process, ensuring that the final solution is truly focused on users.

Black woman with short hair building UX design strategies.

MVP definition

Strategy defined, it’s time to create the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). With this, we can test the product on the real market, with minimal investment, taking advantage of the launch to collect valuable feedback from users. It’s the simplest and cheapest way to get to the final version of a product.

Distinguished features

People at the center of everything

Our process is centered on the user, ensuring that they find what they are looking for, when they need it most.

Phased approach

Each stage follows proven methods and practices, resulting in products that are more effective and accepted by the market.

Continuous evolution

We constantly improve the product, ensuring continuous development aligned to the market.

Cases of success

See how our services have helped to transform businesses of major brands.

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