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3 innovative companies for you to get inspired and revolutionize your business

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Man wearing a VR headset looking at a technological globe

We are going through a time of digital revolution and transformation. And it is clear that, in a changing scenario, those who do not keep up with the times are left behind. Also, innovative companies tend to offer dynamism and more eye-catching options to the market.

This is why your company MUST always keep up to date and use the technological resources that are already available.

To inspire you, we have brought you three examples of companies that are betting on innovation to stand firm as key heads. Let’s check it out?

1. Nubank: One of the Top Innovative Companies 

Bank branches, lines, revolving doors, cash, more lines… these are the main characteristics of traditional banks that we are used to seeing, right?

But Nubank, considered one of the most innovative companies in Latin America, has come to change this idea. And the task was not that simple, after all, how to transform the reality of something as sensitive to fraud as a banking system?

Two Nubank cards floating next to a cell phone with the Nubank digital account

More than that: how to change the mentality of people, who often believe that the physical agency is safer and more reliable?

Nubank has managed to innovate and overcome the public’s misgivings by betting on the ease offered by technology. The bank works 100% digitally: There is no physical branch, no queues, and no fees, for example.

2. Magazine Luiza and the change of focus on digital

Magazine Luiza is a giant retailer in Brazil. And, of course, it was not born out of the e-commerces boom, which grew exponentially with the advance of the Internet in the last decades.

Even so, Magazine Luiza managed to reinvent itself and place itself as a protagonist in the digital environment. Besides e-commerce, the company has a vast presence in social networks and innovated by being one of the first to create an assistant, called MagaLu.

Two mobile screens showing Magalu e-commerce pages and next to Lu dressed in a white t-shirt

3. Cielo’s digital transformation

Cielo is a Brazilian payment company. About 1.5 million people use their card machines nationwide. But the service and innovative solutions don’t stop there!

Besides the famous little machines, Cielo also develops technology solutions, such as Cielo Lio, used to access product inventories and sales reports.

Cielo machine and on the side the Cielo Lio application, used for inventory and sales management

Another point that makes the company the only Brazilian among Forbes’ 100 most innovative is the incentive to innovation. One of Cielo’s focuses is on sustainability and conscious consumption.

And your business, are you ready to join the list of the most innovative companies?

So, do these examples of companies inspire you? Know that your business can innovate and stand out in the market. You just have to have a good idea and know-how to use technology to your advantage!

Over the years, the field of technology itself renews and innovates. So you can’t really stand by, watching the world move forward.

For you to better understand the importance of technology in your company’s day-to-day life, we have prepared a complete guide telling the story of IT and how it can transform your business. Download it for free!

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