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5 innovation trends your company needs to know in 2022

Publication date: 07/03/2024

White bearded man with glasses researching technological innovation trends

Those who work in the technology industry know that innovative trends are emerging all the time. And no wonder, right? The purpose of this segment is to ensure the constant evolution of the business.

Therefore, keeping up to date and always keeping an eye on what’s new is essential not only to come out ahead of the competitors but also to position yourself as an ambitious business that is always going after more.

That is why, today, we are going to talk about a very interesting subject, especially for those who want to enter 2022 on the right foot: the trends that are going to be hot next year!

Innovative trends indicate impressive growth of digital technologies

A survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that investment in digital transformation is only increasing! Even amidst all the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, the annual growth rate of 15.5% has remained stable.

By 2023, it is expected that investment in the segment will reach $6.8 trillion. And already by 2022, 70% of companies will be taking advantage of the main innovative trends available on the market.

You don’t want to be left behind, right? So take a closer look at the list we have brought for you. She has items that are sure to be in evidence next year!


Person using a laptop with off-screen icons symbolizing gaming achievements and goals.

Have you ever thought about developing your team of professionals in an interactive and fun way? With gamification, this is possible!

This technique, which seeks to stimulate corporate activities more playfully, uses game elements to offer unique actions to the team. In this way, it ensures the involvement of the professionals, improves communication, and promotes a deeper connection between the employee and the company.

And of course, the strategy ends up attracting the attention of clients and investors, who are increasingly looking for businesses that think “outside the box.


Man using his cell phone with his right hand while holding a bank card in his left hand

Many people believe that fintech is all about virtual banks, which have no physical branches. But this concept has already expanded a long time ago, and today this technology can be incorporated into different types of businesses.

Facilitating financial services for your customers and even employees is a very positive point that becomes a differential. Today, it is possible to include digital wallets in your processes quite easily.

It is interesting to invest in this kind of trend to stand out in such a competitive market. Each and every advantage you can offer is a bonus!

Artificial Intelligence

Person pressing a button written AI

It is impossible not to think of artificial intelligence when the subject is innovative trends, right? This subject has been in evidence for many years now, and the propensity is that it will continue to be so!

According to IDC, global spending on this technology will reach $110 billion by 2024, and by 2023, about a quarter of companies will invest in AI software.

By engaging in this kind of innovation, your company shows that it not only follows market trends but that it anticipates them!

Data Privacy

White woman, with black hair, with her face censored, using her cell phone

Did you know that 92% of Brazilians are afraid of having their data leaked in the digital environment and 70% of them have already suffered some kind of digital threat? The survey, conducted by Mastercard in partnership with Datafolha, shows that investing in online security is essential.

And it is not for nothing that people are so fearful: It is common to see news of situations where personal information has been leaked on the Internet. In early 2021, for example, a mega leak left more than 200 million Brazilians exposed.

So checking that your data management is compliant with LGPD is essential. But more than that, it is interesting to go beyond to pass more security and confidence to your customers.


White robots working on a computer

Repetitive work activities are a thing of the past. Nowadays, more and more companies automate this kind of task.

In this way, besides ensuring the efficiency of the process and increasing the productivity of employees, who will be able to focus on more important functions, it also considerably eliminates the percentage of errors and rework.

Next year, according to IDC, it is predicted that almost half of all businesses will already implement this type of technology.

Now you are ready for 2022!

You already know which innovative trends will make their presence felt in 2022. So you are already prepared to enter this new cycle on the right foot, right?

But if you want to reinforce your knowledge and make sure that nothing important will pass you by, we have good news: we have prepared some free and detailed content.

In it, you see a little bit of the history of Information Technology and get powerful insights into how and why it is so important for businesses in all segments. Download it right now!

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