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7 mistakes you make in your business that can be solved with business technology

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Two employees solving problems through technology

Balanced growth, with market prominence, is the desire of every business. In a technological world, a change of thinking and the right investment is fundamental. After all, without technology for businesses, it is practically impossible to reach consumers today.

In addition, technology enables actions performed in traditional companies to be optimized. Things such as mistakes, wasted time and resources, and lack of business visualization can also be solved with the use of the right tools.

Today we are going to talk about the top seven mistakes you probably still make in your company’s innovation direction. And, of course, we will also show you how to solve them! Check them out.

1. Failure to hire the right business technology

Not all tools are right for your business. With so many options on the market, it is necessary to analyze the pains of your team and your industry, and then invest correctly.

There is also no point in hiring several solutions because less is better! That is why it is always important to count on a partner who can guide you and show you the best ways.

2. Repetitive tasks and lack of engagement

Employees responsible for performing repetitive tasks (very common in industries), may lose engagement and the will to do a good job.

After all, we always want to be challenged so that we can show other skills and have a chance to grow, don’t we?

Although operational work is important, automation can play an essential role at this point, freeing up the employee to perform more strategic services that require more thinking.

3. Lack of business visibility

To grow a business, you have to visualize it completely. Not seeing expenses, results, profits, and work delivered is a problem that can even impact the financial health of the company.

There are management systems that are excellent technologies for companies that want to differentiate themselves, identify waste, overspend, and take more assertive actions in the future.

4. Lack of corporate outreach

Is your company limited to trading only in a small region? Nowadays, businesses that do not expand lose more and more space and consumer preference.

With the development of a website and an application, it is possible to find and reach your target audience in every corner of the country and even the world, depending on your activities.

Moreover, by using video calling tools, you can maintain relationships with customers more conveniently, while also optimizing staff time.

5. Low competitiveness

Both the problem described above and the lack of competitiveness are related. And they can be solved with the same technology for enterprises!

But to be more competitive, it is important to have an online positioning through websites and applications, but it is also necessary to have a presence on social networks.

With the right posts and assertive outreach tools provided by platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google, you can monitor your audience and understand what kind of content will actually generate the engagement you want.

6. Too much overtime

Is your team of employees working overtime all the time? This can happen because their time is not properly optimized and many hours are spent on long and, let’s face it, even unnecessary tasks.

Very long meetings are one of the main reasons, especially when they take place in person and take time to travel, for example. Optimize your team’s time by enabling integrated, fully digital communication and video call meetings.

7. Low flexibility

A company’s business plan functions as the architecture of the entire business. If the design is traditional and simple, with difficult to be changed and optimized in the future, this can be a problem.

Enterprise technology has generated more flexibility in the enterprise business plan. Now you can make money through various channels and customize your business with the pains and desires of your target audience in mind.

Are you ready to grow with the right business technology? 

After all this information, it is now clearer how essential technology is for any kind of company today, isn’t it?

But you may still be wondering what types of technology exist, how they came about, and why they are used today. And, of course, once again Onebrain will help you!

With our free, comprehensive guide, you stay on track to innovate your company, this time by learning all about the most modern area of all! Download now!

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