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An innovation lab like onebrain can take off your startup. Learn how!

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Group of employees discussing innovation for a startup in the innovation lab

Previously here on our blog, we talked about the importance of having a trusted strategic partner to power the growth of your business. Today, we will focus on the advantages that your startup can enjoy by hiring an innovation lab like onebrain.

Around here, we always go a step further than the usual solution! Since 2001, we have evolved along with the technology market and qualified our professionals to meet the needs of innovative companies.

Thus, we adapt our portfolio according to new technologies and social behaviors that change from time to time.

An innovation lab with experience in startups and large companies

O2O solutions, app development, agile squad, growing the development team at startups… these are just some of the services onebrain currently offers!

With a team of qualified and experienced collaborators, we can support, develop, and deliver a fast, innovative, and high-quality project. And if you don’t know which onebrain service is right for you, relax!

We believe that a case speaks more than a thousand words. After all, what’s better than understanding in practice how our solutions help startups in their early stages to become true unicorns, right?

Below, we will show you some of the successful cases that we have built-in these 20 years of experience!

Is your startup present on the online and offline fronts?

PickTow is a company that came to us with the desire to change the way people order winches. In addition, it identified that a general pain among consumers was not knowing how soon the winch would arrive.

With this information in hand, we set to work to create an O2O solution, that is, from online to offline.

Home screens of the Pick Tow app, created by Onebrain

First, we created a tool that does the entire operation of the company, from onboarding customers to meeting demands, billing, and evaluating users about the service provided.

We also developed the complete application, where users can request the winch in a very practical way. This app provides a trackable experience, which ensures more comfort for the requester.

Did you know that an innovation lab can increase the qualification of your team? 

In a market where technology upgrades frequently, it is difficult to find qualified professionals who still have the culture your startup wants.

With this in mind, we work with the allocation of our development staff at your startup!

When iFood was just a web restaurant, we were able to allocate 18 professionals with them. Thus, they had, in a customized way, their team to meet the demands related to the technology area.

And the results were excellent! One of the main achievements was the onboarding of restaurants, which used to take between weeks or even a month, and is now completed in just one day. Cool, right?

Comparison of the Ifood application before and after the allocation of Onebrain professionals

Agile methodologies are the match that startups need

A reliable innovation lab needs to work with methodologies that manage to unite agility with good results. At onebrain, for example, we use the Scrum framework in all our projects to provide assertive and timely deliveries.

Picuá CDP is a startup with a unique kind of service. They desired to have a mobile tool that would enable more convenient receipt of supplies authorized by the detention centers, avoiding long lines of family members on visiting days.

The team worked closely with the customer to develop the solution, narrowing the scope so that an effective tool could be delivered even without an initial availability of large investments to ensure the success of this challenging project.

With the launch of the app in early 2021, Picuá began to show great growth and was able to bring more dignity to the families, who can now avoid the lines of magazines for the supplies delivered to the prisoners and can spend more time with their families.

We are ready to help you!

Boosting your startup is not that simple. But even with a limited budget at the beginning, it is possible to put your project into action with the right partnership!

onebrain is an innovation lab attentive to market changes and with a modern and updated professional team. And you can see above that we have a lot of experience and the best: with expressive results!

So, how about leveraging your business with us? We are ready and eager to evolve with you!

lab de inovação: picuá

Para garantir o sucesso desse projeto desafiador, um time trabalhou em conjunto com o cliente para desenvolver a solução, recortando o escopo para que uma ferramenta efetiva fosse entregue mesmo sem uma disponibilidade inicial de grandes investimentos.

Com o lançamento do app no início de 2021, a Picuá passou a apresentar um grande crescimento e conseguiu levar mais dignidade para as famílias, que agora podem evitar as filas de revistas dos mantimentos entregues aos presos e conseguem passar mais tempo com seus familiares.

Estamos preparados para te ajudar!

Decolar a sua startup não é tão simples assim. Mas, mesmo com um budget limitado no início, é possível colocar o seu projeto em ação com a parceria certa!

A onebrain é um lab de inovação atento às mudanças de mercado e com um time profissional moderno e atualizado. E você pode ver acima que temos bastante experiência e o melhor: com resultados expressivos!

Então, e aí, que tal alavancar o seu negócio com a gente? Estamos preparados e ansiosos para evoluir com você!

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