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Discover hunting, the new way to find talent for your company.

Publication date: 10/07/2024

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Hunting, or headhunting, is a recruitment approach focused on identifying, attracting, and hiring highly qualified professionals. Unlike traditional recruitment, where candidates apply for open positions, hunting is proactive. With this service, which can be outsourced, the company finds the best talents, often already employed, and convinces them to consider new opportunities.

The importance of hunting in the technology sector

In the technology sector, where the competition for talent is intense and the skills required for a position are highly specialized, hunting is extremely valuable and can be an excellent differentiator in building a highly efficient team.

With this service, companies can identify and attract rare talents, meeting the need for highly qualified professionals, as well as locating specialists in various areas, filling critical positions quickly and effectively, so that the company maintains its pace of innovation. Hunting helps identify visionary leaders and technical experts who can guide the company into the future.

How does the hunting process work?

There are several carefully planned stages to ensure that the best candidate is found.

1. Understanding the needs

The first step is to identify the company’s needs, its organizational culture, and the job specifications. For this, detailed interviews are conducted with managers and the HR team.

2. Talent research and mapping

With a combination of databases, professional networks, and market intelligence, potential candidates are identified. This phase involves a complete mapping of talents within and outside the industry.

3. Approach and evaluation

After being identified, candidates are approached professionally. Their technical skills, experience, and compatibility with the company’s culture are evaluated through preliminary interviews.

4. Presentation of candidates

The professionals who best fit the requirements are presented to the company. In addition, headhunters provide detailed reports on each candidate, including assessments and recommendations, to assist in decision-making.

5. Negotiation and hiring

Headhunters also assist in negotiating job offers, aligning expectations between the company and the candidate to ensure a positive agreement.

6. Integration and follow-up

Hunting doesn’t end with hiring. In most cases, headhunters accompany the integration of the new employee and support their initial performance to ensure a successful fit.

Onebrain’s hunting

With Onebrain, your company doesn’t need to worry about the selection process. Our headhunters are experts, seeking excellence professionals who will make a difference in your team.

Our approach is personalized and results-oriented. Here, we help companies find and hire exceptional talents that drive innovation and growth, with a difference: you can hire individual professionals or entire teams.

  • We guarantee hiring within 15 days.
  • We conduct behavioral and technical interviews.
  • We have a proven low turnover rate.

Want to upgrade your team? Count on Onebrain! Learn more about our hunting service.

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