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From the beginning of the Internet to covid-19: the spread of digital transformation in enterprises

Publication date: 11/03/2024

Group of employees analyzing data digitally

Since the late 1990s, digital transformation in enterprises has become an important agenda, which over time has taken more space in the business market.

In about 30 years, a lot has changed. And if before incorporating new technologies was an option, today it is a necessity. We have reached the point of that famous phrase “change or die”. And it is no exaggeration! And no wonder, right?

Probably the most famous example of a giant company that ignored the advances of technology and eventually ceased to exist is Blockbuster. The company went from the world’s largest video rental company to bankruptcy in 2011 after failing to update itself to the market.

But Blockbuster was not the only one. According to IBGE, six out of ten companies cease to exist in Brazil after five years. A scary number, isn’t it?

What has changed in digital transformation in enterprises in 30 years?

In 1990, the Internet was already present in libraries, universities, and some companies. But it was only at the turn of the century that this technology became more popular.

During these years, digital transformation has advanced in the business environment. Automated communications have moved to e-mail, there has been a boom in blogs and websites, and with many people acquiring personal computers, digital presence has become more important.

Timeline showing internet advances

From then on, evolution began to happen quickly. In 2010, smartphones became popular and the internet can be accessed anywhere, making a digital transformation in companies even more essential.

Apps and e-commerces have also emerged more strongly and the change in consumption methods has begun to be stronger. At that point, we could order almost anything over the Internet.

To assist in these requests, artificial intelligence, bots, and machine learning, which enables the learning of these tools according to conversations with users, have emerged.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Digital transformation continues to advance daily. But some historical events increase the potential for growth of some technologies.

In 2020, when we started to live with the covid-19 pandemic, this crisis further increased online shopping. According to Serasa (Brazilian credit bureaux), the quarantine requirement has tripled the number of Brazilians who make household purchases over the Internet. Between March and July, the figures jumped from 11% to 31%!

Delivery apps have taken the scene and the importance of social media positioning, coupled with the creation of a website, marketplace, and/or e-commerce has grown a lot.

Digital transformation in companies is a must

How many social networks do you have? How much time do you spend per day connected to the Internet? How many online purchases do you make per month? I am sure that by answering these questions, you will get an even better sense of the importance of digital transformation in your company.

In this other content, we talk more about mistakes you probably still make in running your company and what the technological solutions are for them. By reading this, you will understand even more how necessary digital transformation is and how it is present in your daily life!

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