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How does onebrain leverage startups? Learn about our differentials in project development

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Group of employees developing a project for a startup

Building a strategic and trustworthy partnership is one of the main ways to enhance the growth of your startup. Here at onebrain, we offer the support you need to start seeing the results of your investment sooner than imagined!

With a differentiated methodology, our team is prepared to take your business off the ground. Let’s check together how we can help you?

Ground zero: the Scrum methodology in onebrain processes

First of all, it is important that you know that around here we use the agile methodology known as Scrum.

This type of process provides several advantages. After years of using Scrum in our day to day life, we realize that the practice helps in the gearing up of all the important points in the construction of a project, such as:

List of advantages of the scrum methodology in building projects

Distinctive features of the Scrum framework

Some of the main differences, which can be considered advantages in the methodology applied by Onebrain, are related to the scope and the production and delivery time of a project.

For example, in traditional methodologies, the project scope is defined before implementation, i.e., development can only start after the scope is complete.

For example, in traditional methodologies, the project scope is defined before implementation, i.e., development can only start after the scope is complete. Thus, every path is designed as interactions and deliveries occur.

Infographic showing the steps to develop the Scrum methodology

Also, in each delivery cycle, called a sprint, there is a timebox of one or two weeks. Using this system, the speed of delivery can be measured via points (called story points), which are delivered by the development team.

Through this point metric, it is possible to use predictions of how many sprints it will take the team to execute a project scope, which makes it easier to visualize and optimize the timing of deadlines in the customer’s roadmap.

Scrum in Practice: Understand how project initiation works with onebrain

After we have completed the commercial negotiation phase, the next step is to perform a full understanding of the scope and identify the startup’s pain points.

Once we have all this information, we move on to building the project’s roadmap. This is when we point out architectural and infrastructure solutions that need to be taken into consideration during our partnership.

onebrain’s differential at this point is that we make a point of building this entire phase together, which is also a requirement of the Scrum model of service.

We perform an onboarding to make the customer part of our development team. In this way, the customer can validate or redefine deliveries, and risks are better handled or reduced.

Another important point is that this step is done quickly: because this phase is done in sprint zero, in less than four weeks our customers already have an initial vision of the objectives and the technologies that will be used.

The importance of a Minimum Viable Product

We understand that the timeline for launching a brand, product, or action is often tight. That’s why here at onebrain we work with what is called the Minimum Viable Product, or MVP.

A Minimum Viable Product is the smallest set of features and rules that a project can have for a release in the shortest possible time. In the MVP, we always think about grouping essential functionalities that add value to the business so that user feedbacks are quick and assertive.

When we build an MVP in partnership with the customer, we can achieve the following results:

List of advantages of building the MVP in partnership with the client

How can onebrain help your startup? 

In this content that you have just read, we mention our main differentials in the market. Our entire team is focused on leveraging startups through a unique project, done in partnership with each client. After all, we are one brain here!

Our employees are qualified to work with innovative technologies that make a difference. Do you want to know more about them and understand how they can transform your product launch? So contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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