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Is the IT market in danger of collapse? Learn how the lack of qualified professionals affects the sector

Publication date: 07/03/2024

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The world is going through a frequent process of digital innovation, and the IT market is one of the main drivers of this transformation.

But even with the digital revolution in full swing, the area of innovation suffers from a serious lack of skilled professionals.

In 2018, there were about 100,000 open positions in Brazil in the IT area. By the end of 2021, it is speculated that this number will reach 200,000 and, by 2024, exceed 300,000 unfilled job vacancies.

In a country with more than 14 million unemployed, the number of open positions could be a good sign. But the problem is that these jobs are not filled for lack of really skilled professionals.

The pandemic and the advancing IT market

The covid-19 pandemic has only anticipated a virtually inevitable trend: the constant and necessary use of technology in business and our daily lives.

Now, the world is increasingly mobile-first, and we depend on apps to communicate, work, study, and entertain ourselves.

Since the quarantine prevented physical contact for almost two years around the world, you can understand the importance of an IT professional to create tools and apps that make our digital life more functional, right?

And the good news is that this historic expansion of technology is not likely to recede. Quite the contrary: the expectation is that investment in innovation will advance even further – and with greater speed.

How to hire a qualified IT professional for your startup?

Your startup probably has open positions in some area of technology, right?

Unfortunately, in the coming years, you will continue to have problems finding experienced and truly skilled employees in the IT market.

This is because the whole area of innovation, being more modern and differentiated, requires the professional to have distinct qualifications. Thus, this person is still going through academic training and it will take some time before he/she reaches the expected level.

Fortunately, innovation labs, such as Onebrain, can offer a solution to this problem.

Increase your startup’s development team with Onebrain and grow in the IT market

You must be asking yourself: after an article pointing out the lack of IT professionals, how will my startup manage to increase, with quality, the development team?

Simple: with Onebrain’s strategic support! According to the project your startup wants to realize, we assign our senior developers, product owners, and UX professionals to work together with your team.

This way, you save time searching the market and already have a qualified team available, which has created several cases, including iFood’s restaurant onboarding project.

Cool, right? On our website, you get to know more about this onebrain solution and even find out how we transformed iFood’s processes!

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