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IT Outsourcing: is it worth it for my company?

Publication date: 07/03/2024

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Have you ever heard of IT outsourcing? And is it worth your company’s while to invest in this solution?  These and other questions about this service will be answered in today’s content!

If you still don’t know or know little about this solution, we can already tell you that you may be losing time and money by not focusing on planning and executing essential strategies for your company – your core business – because you need IT services and specialists.

So, let’s stop winding up and get to the point. Are you ready?

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is where a company hires an external firm to conduct certain aspects of its business. In other words, one business hires another to operate part of its operations. It is also known as a third-party provider.

This is a very affordable solution that allows startups and small and medium-sized companies to focus on their core business while having a partner for essential services.

IT outsourcing is focused on activities and solutions for the information technology area. This means that you can hire a company that specializes in this segment to take care of your entire technology area, some specific services, or have support for your internal team.

But why it is different from a third-party provider? 

Well, as you could read earlier, outsourcing is also known as a third-party provider, but this is only because the concepts are similar, and it is an easier way to understand this solution.

However, in essence, there is a difference between outsourcing and the third-party provider. The first is related to the more specific professional areas that impact more on the company’s core business. Sales, finance, information technology, and quality are some examples of its branches.

The third-parties provider, on the other hand, is services that are further removed from the company’s DNA. Logistics, cleaning, security, and transportation are examples of areas that encompass this universe.

Why do I need this service?

To answer this question, we need to keep clearly in mind two points that are essential: (1) the preciousness of the time of managers of startups and small and medium-sized companies, and (2) the importance of IT for the most diverse segments.

The first point concerns key professionals staying focused on their areas of expertise to keep the business running healthy while pursuing growth. The second is related to the full understanding that is essential for any company, and that the services of this area contribute a good business development. We recommend that you read this article to learn more about the topic.

Once these points are understood, we move on to the next part of the subject, which are some difficulties that the IT market presents.

According to the research “People and Management to support the ecosystem of startups in Brazil,” by the Sai do Papel Innovation and Investment Group and Visagio, the technology area has the greatest degree of difficulty in hiring professionals.

There is a very big challenge in finding qualified IT professionals and retaining them. And, in addition, this segment has few professionals and many job vacancies, which makes the sector very competitive.

Not all companies have the infrastructure to assemble an internal technology team and guarantee fair salaries, retention initiatives, good equipment, and periodic maintenance for this area. This is why IT outsourcing comes in as an extremely strategic and cost-effective partnership that will ensure that your company has a qualified team of experts to support the operation of the business.

If you want to know more about the importance of IT to your organization, Onebrain has an exclusive space for relevant content that addresses the universe of this segment for you to delve deeper into the subject. To access just click here.

What are the advantages of this solution?

Increased efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a specialized IT company to be a partner. This is because you won’t need to worry about hiring and retaining employees, avoiding labor charges, and there will also be no need to buy equipment, whether for on-site or remote work, training, and infrastructure for these professionals.

Here are some more advantages of IT outsourcing:

  • High standard of quality in the teams
  • Experience of the suppliers with the most diverse projects and segments
  • Possibility of hiring a whole team or just a few punctual professionals
  • Guarantee of infrastructure, by the partner, exclusive to the IT area
  • More time for key managers to stay focused on business development

The benefits related to service quality are guaranteed because the main economy of a specialized IT company is human and intellectual capital. By choosing a good partner you are sure to be working with the best professionals in the market.

Onebrain has what you need

Onebrain is an innovative company that seeks to transform the market through Information Technology. We offer several services that contribute to the strategic development of your business.

We know that having a qualified and reliable team makes all the difference since the execution of works aligned to the needs of a business depends greatly on this factor. That is why outsourcing is part of our portfolio!

You may be looking for specific job vacancies or request a complete team through an efficient and secure solution.

Outsourcing service provided by Onebrain

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