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Meet 3 essential IT services for your business

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Person investing in technological advances for the company

There is no doubt that information technology is essential to bring innovation and generate greater competitiveness for companies and industries. But with the diversity of IT services out there, it can be difficult to choose the right ones to invest in.

For the choice of the ideal solution, it is important to consider the moment of the business. Does your organization have a presence in the digital environment? Do you offer solutions that are aligned with current consumer behavior? Need to increase the flow in the development team? Or do you need to optimize processes for maximum team productivity?

With the right IT solution, your company will not only optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity, but also create an exceptional customer experience for your customers, leaving you ahead of the competition.

In this article we will help you understand 3 information technology services that will transform your business, check it out:

1. Web Applications Development

Web development is responsible for orchestrating the information that is delivered or manipulated by the user, whether for mobile applications or web-facing applications.

This solution involves developing a web system, according to the client’s needs, that can be accessed through a browser without installing any program, software, or application.

The advantage of this system is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on computers, notebooks, cell phones, and tablets.

The management of operations, purchase control, or even the integrations that occur on the back-end so that the information flows from one system to the other, are the focus of this service.

onebrain has this service and you can count on the development of applications and integrations using modern technologies like Rest APIs, microservices, and/or Serverless and ReactJS architecture in responsive front-ends!

2. Increased software development team

The demand for technology teams is growing, and finding qualified professionals with speed and who have a compatible culture is essential for both company growth and project quality. The service in question is about increasing the flow of your development team with qualified and specialized professionals.

Often, internal recruitment encounters difficulties in hiring these professionals, either due to the desired quantity or the specific qualifications of the area. One of the actions taken, in cases like this, is to increase the recruitment team, but this does not usually bring quick results, and the burden to management in unproductive interviews is very large, especially when the team is already overloaded.

At onebrain we work to meet the demands of various technology teams in a personalized way, bringing in a team that fits the client’s culture, and the companies count on the speed in including these professionals in the team.

3. Agile Squad

The success of a project, besides other variables, is very much linked to its management and the choice of the team. There are several possibilities and methodologies, but the Agile Squad is certainly the most advantageous model!

Agility, productivity, collaboration, and autonomy are some advantages of this model.

A squad is made up of a small multidisciplinary team that has the goal of developing a project independently. This model contributes to effective, direct, and undistorted communication.

When the Squad is aligned with the Scrum or Kanban methodology, for example, it becomes an Agile Squad and the project moves in a more agile and organized direction, ensuring its success.

onebrain is always looking for innovation to ensure the highest quality and most practical results for you. Therefore, our Agile Squad organization offers a multidisciplinary team to work with the Scrum methodology and enable technology solutions, delivering a project with quality and in an agile way.

onebrain is on your side with quality IT services!

onebrain wants to maintain not only the quality level for each job but also to make sure that all steps are clear to our customers. Thus, already at the contracting stage, we provide a detailed project, specifying the hours used for better productivity.

Your business cannot be left out of the innovation that IT services can offer you. At onebrain you can count on several other solutions that will transform your company! Talk to our team and find out more:

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