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Missing tips to decrease the turnover of the technology team in your company

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Group of employees sitting around a table, discussing ways to reduce turnover in technology companies

Amidst so many novelties and innovations, the technology market is full of opportunities. And although this is a very positive scenario, more and more businesses are faced with a major difficulty: the turnover of their team.

But what does this mean? That employee turnover is very high, which ends up influencing not only the development of projects but also their quality. After all, a constantly changing team ends up out of sync, which hinders learning.

But it is in the midst of challenges that Information Technology triumphs! That is why several solutions have been created and are already being put into action for companies of different sizes to overcome this situation. Here, we have gathered some of them, especially for you. Let’s check it out?

First: a little contextualization for you…

To understand what has been causing high turnover rates in the IT environment, a little context is needed.

Nowadays, companies need to make an effort to find qualified professionals, since the competitiveness among businesses is very high. Standing out amid so many opportunities, therefore, is very important. And to make this possible, several attitudes can be taken.

Best of all, this situation has brought about a change in corporate culture in general. And do you know who benefits from all this?

Exactly: the professionals, who increasingly find differentiated and friendly environments to work in!

Reduced turnover, increased job, and personal satisfaction

And how to ensure such a nice ecosystem? We have prepared a checklist to get your strategy started, which you should check out. Check it out:

List with 5 tips to reduce employee turnover

What’s up? Do you have enough of these topics already implemented in your company? We hope so, but we need you to know it doesn’t stop there, see?

Team reshuffling, for example, is a strategy that can work very well. This is because in this way it is possible to generate an air of animation and excitement for the change.

This strategy, combined with the presence of new challenges, performance evaluations, and even individual goals set according to the employee’s professional desires, does not let the work become monotonous!

And, of course, we cannot forget about the remuneration. It is important to offer an attractive salary, but more than this, the bonuses and benefits should also be detailed and interesting.

onebrain can help you solve turnover problems!

Here at Onebrain, we offer strategic support for companies to find the best technology employees!

We know that a team composed of the right professionals generates less turnover. This requires attention not only to technical qualifications but also to cultural fit and the hard and soft skills needed for the position. Thus, a perfect match is guaranteed!

Therefore, services such as outsourcing, hunting, and the agile squad are offered in our portfolio. These and other more elaborate strategies can still be presented by our commercial team, especially for you and your business.

See how Onebrain helps you evolve? Get to know, in detail, our main solutions to understand exactly how we can help you in this very important moment for your business. Simply click the button below:

Asian woman using cell phone with button next to it to see company solutions.

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