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O2O: the solution that adapts your business to market transformations

Publication date: 06/03/2024

White man, looking for information about a physical store product in a virtual environment

If you run a business, you have already realized that consumer behavior is constantly changing.

Nowadays, for example, the world is much more connected. We are online constantly, whether we are working or surfing social networks. It is even hard to think of a time when we are completely offline, isn’t it?

This creates a great need to perform all possible activities digitally.

Whether for practicality or convenience, even tasks that used to be more traditional can now be performed online. And to ensure the success of your enterprise, you need to adapt to these transformations to offer the experience your audience is looking for.

With the O2O strategy, it is much easier to accomplish this task!

O2O? What is that?

Drawing of two women coordinating the transformation of products and services from the offline world to the online world

You are probably wondering what this strategy is, right? Don’t worry: we will clarify everything in this article.

Originating in China, the O2O technique seeks to bring products and services normally found in the offline world to the online world. In this way, it is possible to improve the customer experience, which becomes much more efficient and satisfying.

Think about Uber: Before, to get a driver, you had to call the cab exchange or try your luck on the street. Complicated and not practical at all, right? Now, with the application, it is possible to request your race more safely and easily, with price and even time estimates. All this is in the palm of our hands.

Thus, we bring a service that will be performed offline to the online universe!

And how to adapt my business to this new reality?

Drawing of a woman in the physical environment shopping in an online store through a self-service totem

Let’s take a well-known and, nowadays, even obvious example. But some businesses have greater difficulty in adapting to this new universe. Fortunately, today there are specialized technology companies that can ease this transition.

Between 2011 and 2014, for example, onebrain participated in the development of iFood, the largest delivery app in Brazil. This work has enabled the insertion of different establishments in the online world, which includes restaurants, supermarkets, and other convenience enterprises.

At the same time, sites like Airbnb have made it easier to rent houses and apartments; Groupon has made promotional sales of several services possible; streaming platforms have increased access to movies and series, among others.

In addition, many physical stores increase their service by migrating to the online world through the famous marketplaces. In this way, they increase their range of customers as well as their exposure. After all, if you are not on the Internet, do you really exist?

How has 2020 contributed to the growth of O2O?

Drawing of a man marking the passage of time, using a calendar and app

You realize the world is digital, right? But the expansion doesn’t stop there…

Because of the social isolation measures imposed to combat covid-19 in 2020, many enterprises were forced to change their strategies. In this scenario, the O2O technique has gained even more importance.

According to data from App Annie, in the second quarter of the year, time spent on mobile apps grew by 40%, as did spending on programs. This shows that before there was sporadic use of O2O solutions, in the year of the pandemic, this has become the main method of purchasing products and services.

And the trend is that these numbers will continue to increase: people are now used to a practical, modern, and online world. Even when everything returns to normal, such resources will still be widely used.

Will you miss this opportunity?

Drawing of three people transferring solutions from the physical to the digital world

It is becoming increasingly necessary to have a presence in the digital world. Businesses that refuse to participate in this evolution soon become obsolete. Therefore, this is the best time to get ahead of the competition.

onebrain is a coding studio that is attentive to the needs of the market and always seeks to help its clients navigate the world of Information Technology with the best possible resources. Here, you will find a team aligned and committed to ensuring the success of your business.

The iFood is just one example of our work, but we have already worked with big names such as Unilever and Salesforce, for example. And you can be the next one! So contact us! Together, we will navigate through a universe full of possibilities.

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