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React Native: the must-have framework for tech companies

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Technological Innovation

Time is money. That phrase has never been as important as it is today. We live in a fast-paced way, always thinking about the next step. This is also true for the Information Technology, sector, which is always innovating and bringing efficient and quality solutions to the market. This is even the case with React Native!

The framework, which was launched in 2015, is a Facebook creation that soon won overall professionals in the field. The framework, which was launched in 2015, is a Facebook creation that soon captivated all professionals in the field.

In this way, launching new apps becomes more efficient. And best of all: we can reach a larger audience by encompassing both operating systems at once. And what does Onebrain have to do with this technology? That’s what we’ll find out in this content!

onebrain is a technology expert!

With more than 4 years of experience with React Native, Onebrain can now claim to be an expert in the technology. After all, this is a framework that is only 6 years old. In other words, our professionals deal with it from the very beginning!

And it couldn’t be otherwise: Onebrain is always looking for the most assertive way to bring the best of Information Technology to you. And we know that the tight deadline is one of our customers’ biggest concerns.

Being able to rely on a technology that is capable of reducing the production deadline by up to 40%, therefore, is extremely important to us!

But the benefits don’t stop there, see? Componentization, which links software units together to create an even larger system, is also high in the framework, generating an extra performance gain.

All this still generates excellent financial savings, since the native development used previously generated more expenses. And we know how important that is in a market where tight budgets are common.

Our knowledge has already brought us success cases!

Around here we like to talk about innovations in information technology, but we also like to get hands-on. This is how we expand our portfolio of successful cases with each passing day. And with React Native it would be no different, right?

In 2020, for example, we developed the application of the company Tenda Atacado through this technology! In this project, we produced animations, innovative navigation, and amazing fluidity on all devices, even those with simpler functions.

Notebooks and cell phones showing applications and websites developed by Onebrain

All this gave us an app with more than half a million installations in a short period, great ratings in the stores (4.5 stars, the result of 4,000 evaluations), and impressive growth in the volume of mobile sales. More than that, it resulted in our customer’s satisfaction and success!

And best of all: we were able to deliver the complete and finished project in only three months.

Beyond React Native…

You can tell that Onebrain is indeed an expert in the React Native framework, right? But we want you to know that we understand many other systems around here!

Technology is part of our lives, our routines, and our work. Therefore, it is natural that the list of services and expertise offered to our clients grows day by day and keeps up with market evolutions. Mobile development, web applications, O2O software… the options are endless. If you want, you can learn about our cases and methodologies on our website. But if you would prefer to understand from our experts which one is best for you, or would like more details about our work, you can also contact us. We are at your disposal, ok? We live for technology and your satisfaction. Come be our next success case!

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