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The digital economy is already a reality. Are you ready?

Publication date: 06/03/2024

Woman entering data from a physical card to make payments and transfers online

Stop for a minute and do the following analysis: is there any service today that cannot be performed in the online world? If you answered “no”, congratulations: you are one step closer to understanding more about the concept of the digital economy.

With technological advancement, a constantly connected society, and the population’s growing need for instantaneity, the digital medium has begun to expand its horizons. Thus, today it dominates different types of segments and services.

But does the famous digital economy have any kind of barriers? And what does this novelty mean for the future of business? That’s what we’ll find out in this content!

Digitizing the Real World

Connectivity, security, and excellence. These are the three main pillars of the digital economy.

This solution, which nowadays can even be called a way of life, seeks to facilitate different types of economic activities through technology. In this scenario, the real world becomes more and more digital. Here are just a few examples of its application:


List of digital economic activities

But for all this to work properly, some rules had to be established. And that is when the aforementioned pillars come into play!

By using them, it is possible to achieve effective connectivity through quality technological solutions. After all, the first step in enabling this immense popularity is to offer a superior and more beneficial alternative to those previously known.

Security is also a very important step. Nobody is going to trust their personal information to applications of dubious quality, but this pillar is important to avoid or at least minimize the impacts of data leaks, for example.

And, of course, excellence is important precisely because nowadays everything is digital. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate yourself from your competitors to stand out. And that’s not bad, see? It’s a very good thing, as businesses go to great lengths to offer exactly what we need in a much more thoughtful and advantageous way.

The future has already begun: the growth of the digital economy

After understanding a little more about the digital economy, it is easy to understand why it is increasingly in demand, isn’t it?

By 2020, the habits of the population have been completely transformed. If before the growth of the digital economy occurred gradually, since this period it has undergone an impressive boom.

To give you a hint, according to Google for Startups tech companies were searched 30% more often than compared in previous years. Delivery apps alone, for example, have seen a 72% growth, standing alongside the online education sector (73%).

But what does this mean? That the future has already begun!

The world is already going back to normal. But the covid-19 has forever transformed the way we live, and the trends of that period will endure – at least until something new comes along.

And how can my business prepare for this new reality?

You realize that staying out of this movement means jeopardizing the success of your business, right? So instead of trying to convince you to prepare for the digital economy, let’s show you how you can do it. Check it out:


Steps to Prepare for the Digital Economy

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