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User Experience: why web development is important for your company’s innovation

Publication date: 06/03/2024

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Innovating and standing out among competitors is the right way to go for companies that want to win more customers. But the digital transformation needs to consider some points, such as user experience.

Web development, including back and front end development of websites, e-commerce, marketplaces, and chatbots, is essential for users to find your service and have a good experience with your brand.

Why is user experience important? 

Nowadays, we are instantaneous. And that has a lot to do with the technologies that we have available.

If in the early 2000s to the mid-2010s many people suffered from slow dial-up internet, today most people have good connections on both desktops and mobile.

And this has greatly changed what we expect from a website. For example, if before it was normal for a page to take a long time to load, today this is a serious mistake, which will certainly cost many visits.

In addition, we want everything visually clean, beautiful, and simple so that we can find what we are looking for in just a few seconds.

And that’s where the importance of listening to what the user thinks about their experience comes in.

The first key to your site’s success: attractive visuals

Drawing of a woman sitting on the sofa using her notebook

Do you know that expression “The first impression is what sticks”? When it comes to your website, the first impression is sure to carry a lot of weight for users.

The design of a website can convey a company’s values, ideals, and goals. So it must be beautiful, nice, and personalized to keep the user’s attention for as long as possible.

Accessibility: make your site accessible on multiple platforms

Drawing of a group of people changing the visual and audio of the website to promote digital accessibility

In this other content, we already told you that most Brazilians access the Internet via a smartphone. So nowadays, the possibility to access a site on different platforms, and not only on computers, is essential.

But accessibility is not only linked to accessibility on other platforms, but also to the ability of the layout to adjust to different screen sizes, i.e. to be responsive.

This is an important task in web development and one that counts (A LOT) in the user experience!

Intuition is everything!

Drawing of a woman organizing content according to her intuition

Você já percebeu que nós já temos uma noção do que esperar quando acessamos um site? In general, we know that if we click on the magnifying glass, we can search for things. Or, if we navigate through the menu, we get access to other pages…

We acquire this kind of memory with years of surfing the Internet. And it is important that a layout can be intuitive in this way, as well as being simple.

In this way, the user can explore and enjoy the best of your content.

It’s always time to innovate…

Drawing of a group of people customizing website content

Having a website that can truly represent what you see your company as is certainly a plus.

With a custom project, you can also give the responsible designer the freedom to dare and innovate with new tools, materials, and interesting suggestions for the users. Cool, right?

User experience is the path to credibility! 

Drawing of a man sitting, using his notebook to access the content of the pages

By following the steps, we have talked about above, you are sure to convey more credibility to your brand.

Having an attractive, accessible, intuitive, and innovative website is very important in a digital, globalized world that uses the internet more and more frequently, for more and more actions, such as shopping, research, and communication.

This way you make your business stand out among competitors, attract consumers’ attention, and digitally transform your company.

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