There’s a Onebrain for every challenge

Our strategic and technological solutions are focused on real needs. From cybersecurity to development in the artificial intelligence era, everything is done by people, for people, whatever the niche is.

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Cutting-edge technology, security and agility are the pillars of our ecosystem for fintechs. We offer state-of-the-art solutions to guarantee the security of all financial transactions and maintain the integrity of sensitive data. Our technological expertise protects your fintech from cyber threats, meets the needs of this highly dynamic niche and contributes directly to building customer trust.


We know that industry needs strategic people who anticipate solutions. With our outsourcing, hunting, business design and digital leadership services, we provide startup-minded professionals to revolutionize all industrial processes in record time. We reduce bureaucracy, drive innovation through disruptive strategies and maximize operational efficiency.


Over the years, we have collaborated with major players in the automotive industry, working on building digital journeys and developing logistics and e-commerce solutions for renowned automakers. Our work spans the entire cycle, providing integrated solutions for automotive vehicles and supply chains, including notable partnerships such as Dpaschoal.

Gray car driving on the street, representing Onebrain's partnership with the automotive market


At Onebrain, we are committed to building a sustainable future through the development of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) projects. Our team of experts creates innovative digital solutions, incorporating ESG principles at every stage of development, from responsible resource management to positive social impact. Together, we can shape a more conscious, ethical, and future-oriented world.

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We have everything your franchise needs to automate processes and give more life to the time of the people who are part of it, from the franchisee to the customer. We develop applications, digital platforms, and customized delivery systems to optimize unit logistics, improve the customer experience and reduce commission costs. It’s strategy and technology working by people, for people

Digital Marketplaces

With our partner Stoom joining our ONE HUB, group, we can bring the best e-commerce solutions to your company. After all, Stoom has accumulated a decade of experience, registering 4 million e-commerce orders and 2 billion worth of transactions through the platform. Our expertise in the segment is unparalleled and we are ready to help your business reach extraordinary places.