The Ambassador Program

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With our Ambassador Program, we will transform the future together!

Become a Onebrain Ambassador

We are made up of people and we value our connection. We have become experts in connecting purpose, stories, people, strategy, and technology. The Onebrain Ambassador Program is more than a commercial rewards model, it’s the opportunity to walk together, positively impact people and businesses and guide the digital future.

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For those who make a difference!

Onebrain’s Ambassador Program is for those whose purpose is to positively impact People, Strategy and Technology. For you who have the desire to connect people, solve complex problems and lead the digital future.

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Rewards program

For each contract that is closed as a result of the ambassador’s indication, a percentage of the total value of the project will be paid.

Dev and Hunting projects 5% per contract

Outsourcing projects 3% per contract

A partnership that has changed everything

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